Visual archive
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At The Circus
The Berlage, Project Thesis
January 2021
Homo Urbanus: In Conversation with Bêka & Lemoine
Juan Benavides & Jack Garay Arauzo
Bnieuws 54/02, TU Delft
October 2020
A Guide to Set a Two-Pole Circus Tent
The Berlage, Project Thesis
August 2020

Scaffolds on ruins
Photography, 35mm
Pompeii, Italy
August 2020

Architectures on Display
The Berlage, Theory Master Class led by Barry Bergdoll
Gent Shehu & Jack Garay Arauzo
May 2020

'L'Heure des traces', Alberto Giacometti, 1932
Plaster, wood and steel
@ Tate, London, UK
March 2020
Infrastructures of movement
Photo Essay, 35mm
Tokyo, Japan
February 2020
A bridge, a column, and a staircase 
Photography, 35mm
Tokyo, Japan
February 2020
Hyper-Enhanced Landscapes
Photo Essay, 35mm
The Berlage, Project NL
January 2020

Video Culture 
Visual Essay, 7’18”
The Berlage, Space, Television and Architecture
led by Léa-Catherine Szacka
July 2020
Essays on Heritage
Lima, Peru
December 2016
Proyecto AYNI
Solar Decathlon LAC 1015
Cali, Colombia
December 2015